I could never host a LifeGroup!

Before you ignore this quick note because you agree with the title, just read on. . .I promise it will be worth your while!

All through the Bible, we see reluctant servants following the call and command of God. Moses was afraid and felt like he was less than good enough (Exodus 3:11). The entire account of Jonah is about a leader called by God who physically runs away from God’s commands! Gideon is another very reluctant servant with the approach to ask for more and more and more confirmation from God when it was made abundantly clear Gideon was called to a special mission for God.

LifeGroups are about to start up again and we are in need of hosts—not necessarily leaders. That’s not to say we don’t need servants who can lead, but the leader we’re looking for needs to be FAT. What!? Ok, well maybe we’re looking for hosts and leaders who are F.A.S.T.  to host a LifeGroup at your home all YOU need to be is: Faithful, Available, Servant-oriented, and Teachable. Leading a LifeGroup isn’t for everyone—I know that—but it doesn’t take any Biblical knowledge, a degree in theology, or even any idea how a LifeGroup should run.

But, what if I’ve never done this before?! I don’t know how to pick out a study?! I don’t know how many people should be in my group. I don’t know how to structure the evening. Can I do it with Zoom?

Don’t worry! If you feel God calling you (don’t worry, He is) to host or lead a LifeGroup at your house you can simply sign up at this link (https://lifegroup-hosts-lifepointaz.pushpayevents.com/) and we’ll teach you the rest. There will be a LifeGroup leader training on February 28, 2021 (the last Sunday of the month) where we’ll go through the basics. But, in the meantime check out RightNowMedia.org to get a preview of the studies that we’ll be using! Don’t have access to it? Easy solution, just email: chad@lifepointaz.com and ask (it’s free!!).

Lean into God’s call on your life, don’t fight it!

Pastor Chad

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