Infectious Fear (A COVID 19 LP UPDATE)

It is no secret by now that we are in the beginning stages of what could be an all-out mass panic with sweeping cancelations and suspensions of recreational events to schools and businesses. While over the last couple weeks there has been much debate over whether this is all media-driven hype or it is a very real pandemic level virus capable of wiping out a large swathe of the population is yet to be seen, however, the panic and fear that are prevalent is very real and we are seeing the effects of that with hoarding of goods, and people self-quarantining.

I honestly don’t know what will happen, but as I think of it, I have never known what is going to happen. Only the God that I serve knows what will happen and in His sovereignty, all things will work together as good for those that know The Lord. What does this mean practically? I asked that question this morning amongst the pastors and the consensus was that there has probably never been a better opportunity in our lifetime, except maybe for 9/11, to show people what it means to love our neighbor and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is not the first time the church has faced a massive global crisis and if history teaches us anything, it is in these times that the church has grown, has stepped up and led the efforts to help support the community and bring hope tot he hopeless.

Here at LifePoint, we will take wise precautions concerning the cleanliness of the building and surface areas, we worked to have communion cups and bread be in a self-contained unit, but the prices are astronomical high. If you get the Coronavirus from taking communion…God wanted you to have it. 🙂

There will be enough fear coming through these doors from those who do not know Christ, let’s not add to it by not putting our trust in the God that we claim can heal all things. This week pray God would give you opportunities to show kindness, sacrifice, and love to those around us when the virus fears have passed God will still be on the throne!

Nathan Bentley

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