It’s for Freedom

In my spirit, there is a sense of expectation. God is up to something! From the earliest days of the Old Testament, God has been working relentlessly to draw His people back to Himself.

In the midst of all that goes on round about us, the threat of Covid19 & the riots in so many of our nation’s cities, God is setting the stage for a great revival. This will be a revival of hearts both seeking God and for many, turning back to Him, willing to surrender their hearts completely to Him. In looking back in time, and history, it has been proven “desperation creates a spiritual condition that makes mankind ripe for revival. We are at that place now; today!

As a church, a body of believers, we stand at the crossroad. We can position ourselves for revival, bringing in a harvest of souls, or we can maintain the status quo which simply means “I don’t like or want change”. As Christians, we must learn to accept change! It began when we said” yes” to Jesus! He began to change us using any and all opportunities to change us so that we could reveal Him through our individual lives.
One person says, “I am willing to walk in risk” while another “don’t rock the boat”!

This coming weekend we will discover together what it means to walk in freedom, to be liberated, to be that new person you have longed to be. Before you come, would you take some time and prepare your heart in prayer? Come with a sense of expectation, ready to worship and by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, receive from His Word what He has for you personally. I will do my part to prepare myself, & you do your part. Together we will experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit!

The early church had no equipment, no program, but they had a mandate from Jesus to go forth in His power and change their world. They did not just evangelize their world, they conquered it! Together we can impact and yes conquer our world, our valley, and beyond.

See you Sunday

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