It’s time for Vacation Bible School 2018!

Attention Parents!

Vacation Bible School is just around the corner!

It’s time to grab your parkas and snow boots and join us for the week of June 18-22nd from 9am-noon! The cost is $20.00 per child with an $80.00 max per family. We will see God move in His mighty ways throughout the week with opportunities for your kids to accept Christ as their Lord & Savior. Kids will be challenged to learn key verses as they are loved and cared for by our leaders throughout the week as they explore the coolest book on the planet… the BIBLE! It’s mind-blowing to think that the God who made the universe wrote a book – a book that is thrilling, exciting to explore, beautiful, and full of treasure.

Our Explorers will begin warming up to the Word from the very first minute they arrive at Operation Arctic. The mission begins at Snowfall Station with the Opening Assembly, a high-energy opening with entertaining welcomes, rockin’ songs, a mission moment and prayer. This is a great chance for your kids to invite young family members and friends for a week full of making some cool crafts like ‘Blizzard in a bottle’, or play a game of ‘Welcome to the Arctic’. They will also enjoy sweet snacks like ‘Scripture rolls and Ocean Jammers’!

Here at LifePoint one of our primary goals is to bring God glory by boldly and unashamedly proclaiming Him to a strategic group, young people! From both a biblical and statistical point of view, young people are a big deal! They’re not only awesome, we love them! But they’re also dearly cherished by our Lord and tend to be soft-hearted toward spiritual things. Researchers generally agree most people become Christians whey they’re children, so it’s apparent this age group is a huge mission field!

Don’t miss this opportunity to plunge into this cold world and God’s wonderful Word! We’re sure to have a flurry of fun and excitement at Operation Arctic!

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