Just Say Yes


Have you ever had the desire to move boldly toward a burden God has placed on your heart, but didn’t know when or how to begin? Soon the busy nature of life took over and you felt locked in autopilot of daily tasks. This mission began in a whisper- three simple words- Just Say Yes.

Last month (February), I started my morning in prayer, “Lord, where would you like me to serve You in this new year?” His response was not loud, nor was it long- “Just say yes.” Yes? Yes to what God? Well before I had much time to stay in that place of confusion, that busy day began, BUT a few hours later that yes was discovered and I had agreed to my first mission trip to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico.

Very few times in my life have I experienced in real-time God ordaining something incredible- something undeniably set up by Him alone. As with all mission trips, there is the matter of fundraising and the logistics of childcare. In the span of 48 hours, my trip was funded and all the details were perfectly orchestrated. I was headed into the place God had set apart for me. Words cannot explain the experience and emotion felt on this trip; the ability to wash the feet of children… to share the love Jesus showed to His disciples. It was beyond incredible. God called on the deepest brokenness of my past to glorify Himself in this place. He called on my fears to be surrendered, my comfort to be shattered, and allowed me to step into an intimate setting with children and their mothers. Every day I was gifted the opportunity to serve people who I felt connected to through tragedy- through sin. God humbled my heart and offered a space to serve those who a small piece of me understood. A space where language barriers no longer exist, cultural and political differences had no place- we were one people, God’s people, showing love to those who needed it.

“Feed the hungry and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.” Isaiah 58:10

Aren’t we all simply a mosaic of broken glass that when God’s light shines through, it creates the most beautiful work of art? The gospel is that light and we have the privilege and responsibility to deliver it to those burdens God places upon each one of our hearts. Sometimes light can be delivered in the form of a shoe on the foot of a child in Mexico. That shoe has the ability to send a child to school and to create a job for a survivor of human trafficking. Furthermore, it is a bridge to sharing the love of Jesus by washing another’s feet.

In just a few short days, our team put on 102 pairs of shoes! We sang and danced and laughed with dozens of children. I cannot wait to return to Mexico on another trip with the My360project group, and I would love nothing more than to bring a team from LifePoint there as well. Please join me in prayer for this mission, not only for my own trips but for every person involved with the My360project.

From my humbled heart,
Kelsey Regan

For more information on getting involved in missions, contact missions@lifepointaz.com

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