Kicking and Screaming!

A new chapter is being written through the LifePoint Church Global Outreach Missions Ministry. Recently, God has called four different women from our church to serve Him in the country of Haiti. In 2018, Becky Haas, Casey Kakar both RN’s and serving as fulltime healthcare professionals. Veronica Thiele a school teacher and Rebecca Rivers, a College student have all answered the call to serve in Haiti. Rebecca is scheduled to be an intern with Haitian Christian Outreach this summer for two months and Becky is returning in April of this year.

It all started for me and for my wife Susie in 1988, the year we made our first trip to the country of Haiti. My plan was not to go but to stay in the USA but Susie had other plans, answering God’s call and travel to Haiti. I went kicking and screaming because I needed to go to protect her, etc., etc., etc. I was a retail store manager, the time of the year was the Christmas selling season and I just couldn’t go; but I did and I have not been the same since. I have included a photo of Susie and me after I stopped kicking and screaming once I figured out God was calling me too!

Now, you have the opportunity to begin to write your next chapter of your life by serving God at a hospital in Peredo, Haiti a small village south of the capital of Haiti, Port Au Prince. We are partnering with Haitian Christian Outreach located in Peredo, Haiti.

We are having a kick-off information planning meeting on Sunday, March 3 at 1:00 PM in classroom W-2. Plan to attend to learn so much more about the trip and our plans to get there. You do not have to be medically trained to participate. Here is the website of the Ministry we will partner with while there. That web is

We look forward to serving alongside you this coming September and October. This will be trip number 12 for the White family. Won’t you join us at the meeting on March 3rd?

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