KidzCamp 2019

This last week our 4th, 5th, and 6th graders had the opportunity to attend Super Start, put on by Tonto Rim Christian Camps. We were up there for a total of 4 challenging days of spiritual growth both as a group and as individuals.

The theme for camp was INCREDIBLE, the speaker Keith Poletiek spoke on our INCREDIBLE God, how we have an INCREDIBLE purpose, and how we have an IINCREDIBLE opportunity that all comes from an INCREDIBLE sacrifice. It challenged the kids to apply the lessons/stories to their lives. During our time at the Zipline, we got to overhear an encouraging conversation between a couple of kids, about how you can speak to God anywhere even when climbing a 40 ft swaying ladder.

Throughout the week we got to see them work together as a community, step up as leaders and push each other towards Christ. One of the young men who came gave his life to Christ and the whole time you could see the wheels turning. His focus was shifting, his attitude did a whole 180° and he even acknowledged the idea of the importance of surrounding himself with Christ-driven people. (remember this kid is in 5th-6th grade!! This is awesome.) The overall week was fruitful, we could definitely see God’s hand move in them.

Matthew Reed

Children’s Director

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