Kingdom Workers

Mike Shamburg
Youth & KidzLife Director

School is back which means families are back from vacations. Our Sunday morning middle school program, Kingdom Workers, is bursting at the seams…and I am loving it! From last year at his time we have grown 25%. Every Sunday at the 11:30 service, KW stays in the sanctuary for worship then we duck off into our corner in S7 for our lesson time. These last couple of weeks the line of students rushing into our room seems to take forever to end.

Wednesday nights, REV, we talk about how the Bible reflects upon our lives, how you live out the biblical principles. Sundays are for reading and understanding what the Bible actually says. We call it Bible Thumping. The students are drawn in, attentive and full of awesome questions. We hit up Old Testament along with the new, highlighting the parallels between them. There are a handful that fight weekly to read out loud for the group. It has been awesome!

The new batch of 6thgraders have been a great addition to the group. They are still a little timid but are opening up more each week as our new 8thgraders grow as leaders amongst the group. I am looking forward to the growth God produces through this next season.




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