We have a couple who have been attending LifePoint for some time who felt that the landscaping needed a little “sprucing up.” There are trees in need of being cut back, trimming, edging, and shaping of bushes needed. The wash is in need of some more rock to make it more pleasing. After the unbelievable blessing of the turf, these congregants thought that the rest of the property needed to be improved as well, so they enlisted the help of their son who owns a landscaping company. They asked if their son would donate landscaping work for the entire 8-acre property including all of the items mentioned above, and he graciously agreed. LifePoint has had staff, volunteers, and paid help over the years the building has stood in the center of mature landscape and at no time has a more thorough beautification been accomplished.

Last week, a full crew of men showed up on the campus and got to work like a team of eager worker bees! In no time at all, the campus was looking sharp, pristine, and in shape. We wanted to give a special thanks to the owner and workers at Almost Eden Landscaping for their gracious and very professional service. As if a one-time cleanup wasn’t enough, they have unbelievably agreed to KEEP COMING to maintain the property!

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