Learning From Our Mistakes

This week we will begin a new series about what it means to “BE” the body of Christ. Take a moment and think about this concept. The church is meant to represent the body of Christ that walked this earth 2,000 years ago. A body that went around loving others, no matter who they were or what they said about him, daily praising and seeking the Father’s heart, and teaching any who would listen to a message on the most important topic mankind has ever surveyed, what is the meaning of life.

Throughout history, man has attempted to capitalize on this gathering of people for monetary, political, military, and personal gain. There has never been a generation where the Christian church has not been persecuted, martyred, or tried to be snuffed out. Just as the body of Christ rose from the dead and exists still to this day, the church has survived and grown exponentially. Where the principles of what it means to be the body of Christ are implemented, as laid out by the Apostle Paul in his letters to the various churches, history has shown incredible transformation of the culture and strength of the people.

All over the world today, the church is growing in strength, we know of the Chinese church, but Christianity is also on the rise in places, like Singapore, South America & Africa. One place in the world where Christianity has been on a 60+ year decline would be in the U.S.

A country that has undeniably benefited more than any place in the world by the principles of Christ and the work of the church. It is no mystery why this has happened, rather, the mystery lies in what your personal responsibility is for the solution. 

In 2 Samual 11:1, we’re told of when King David abdicated his responsibility to lead his men in war and instead stayed in Jerusalem where he was comfortable and sent Joab in his place. This decision goes on to work out very poorly for David, he ends up in adultery with Bathsheba, murdering her husband, and ultimately loses a child because of it. America has been at war with Christianity for some time now, currently, the battles have intensified and the church has begun to blend in with culture whether then go to war. This is not a war of man-made weapons, this war is fought with prayer, service to others, the sacrifice of personal wants, and holding to the truth of God’s word no matter the cost.

In the coming month, I am going to be sharing with you what God has put before LifePoint as a challenge to pick up our cross and follow Him. I do not know if I have ever had so much anticipation for what a year might hold for the church than for what lies ahead of us this year. Would you be committed to praying for the pastors and their families of LifePoint as we push forward into our community with the message of the Gospel?

Nathan Bentley

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