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The Book Of John: A Call to Action
As Pastor Nathan begins the next sermon series, the book of John, here are some facts about this great Gospel of Jesus Christ. The fourth Gospel has the clearest purpose statement in the Bible: “But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.” (John 20:31) The predominant theme of this gospel is the dual response of faith and unbelief in the person of Jesus Christ. Those who place their faith in the Son of God have eternal life, but those who reject Him are under condemnation of God—this is the basic issue. I believe this knowledge should be a call to action, to reach out to ALL who have not made the positive choice of accepting Christ into their life. Volunteering has several forms and today, our article from Pastor, teacher and Christian Professor Howard Hendricks, lays out a mandate for mentoring, just one more important volunteering opportunity.

A Mandate For Mentoring
“I was born into a broken home in the city of Philadelphia. My parents separated before I was born. I never saw them together except once—when I was called to testify in divorce court. I’m sure I could have been reared, died and gone to hell, and nobody would particularly cared, except for a small group of Christian believers got together in my neighborhood to start an evangelical church.

Walt belonged to that church, and he went to the Sunday school superintendent and said, ‘I want to teach a Sunday school class.’
The superintendent said, ‘Wonderful, Walt but we don’t have any boys. Go out into the community. Anybody you pick up—that’s your class.’
I’ll never forget the day I met him. Walt was six feet, four inches tall. He said to me as a little kid, ‘Hey, son, how would you like to go to Sunday school?’

To me, anything that had ‘school’ in it had to be bad news. Then he said, ‘How would you like to play marbles?’

That was different! Would you believe we got down and played marbles, and he beat me in every single game? I lost my marbles early in life! By the time Walt got through, I didn’t care where he was going—that’s where I wanted to go.

Walt had picked up 13 of us boys, nine from broken homes. Today, 11 are in full-time vocational Christian work. And Walt never went to school beyond the sixth grade.

I can’t tell you a thing Walt ever said. But I can tell you everything about him, because he loved me more than my parents did. He loved me for Christ’s sake. And I’m ministering today, not only because of a man who led me to Christ and disciple me, but also because he started that mentoring process.”
–Howard Hendricks

Why not try mentoring as a way to volunteer? You may not be into painting, or repairing, or yard work, or taking folks to Doctor’s appointments, but you are willing to pour yourself into someone’s broken life–by sharing the Good News of Christ and sharing your time and talents. Remember, volunteering is entirely up to you.

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