LifeCare Focus

LifePoint family we have had a vision on how to best implement our mission statement of serving, giving and caring for our neighbor for a while and we offer several ministries to do just that.

One of those ministries is LifeCare and its original design focused on several different areas including hospital and home visitation, in home care, resource and services education as well as meeting needs such as home and car repairs. We have made a decision for right now to narrow the focus to home helps and needs. This will include handy man, home and car repairs for those who don’t have the means to do so themselves.

This focus will help us as a church to launch LifeCare successfully and to be able to grow this ministry in a healthy way. We have established a database of volunteers but we are still looking for individuals who have skills in car and home repairs. We also are getting requests for simple tasks like yard work and painting so we will gladly take willing people who maybe don’t have home or car repair expertise but can get their hands a little dirty.

We are excited to have David Noel and Evan Thiele leading LifeCare and look forward to helping our communities in a big way. For more information or to be added as a willing helper please email

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