What is a LifeGroup!? Is it just a place where we can do more in-depth Bible studies? Is it just a time of getting together with people to eat and enjoy company? Well, yes! It is those things and so much more. In Acts 2, starting in verse 42, Luke is explaining what a fellowship of believers—of disciples of Christ—looks like and how it functioned for the earliest disciples. They meet together regularly and break bread together; they have a meal together. They prayed with and for one another, they made sure no one in the group was in need, and they studied the Scriptures. Luke is telling us they did life together.

This is a LifeGroup. It’s people who come together regularly to “do church.” This weekend is the final opportunity to sign up to join a LifeGroup. If you aren’t plugged in with your fellow believers receiving teaching, accountability, and fellowship you’re not doing church right! This is the best place to get plugged into the bigger church and build relationships.

Click HERE to sign up!

If you’re still feeling the gentle tug of the Holy Spirit toward leading a LifeGroup, what are you waiting for?!?!? Let’s do it. . .shoot me an email and let me know:

God Bless you!
Pastor Chad

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