I want to take a minute and update everyone on LifePoints position and response to the COVID-19 virus. Based on the recommendation by the Governor’s office we will be having services this weekend, with extra steps to clean and disinfect commonly used spaces and greeters who will wave “Hi,” and limit contact. We have a plan going forward to help the elderly or those who could not get out and get some basic groceries and toiletries this weekend to meet their physical needs along with their spiritual.

Common sense is the thought of the times right now. If you are sick or feeling under the weather, then stay home, if you fall into the age range where this can be especially dangerous then stay home, if you have a compromised immune system and it would be unsafe for you to gather with a large group of people then please stay home. But, for those of us that studies have shown will be affected by this virus, like a bad flu…do not let fear stop you from loving your neighbor, giving of your personal possessions when needed, and yes gathering together on Sunday.

We are so grateful that you choose to call LifePoint home and are preparing ourselves to move forward boldly in this time and to not shrink back. I believe we are going to see breakthroughs and miracles in this season, let’s ask God for His Holy Spirit and go forth with courage.


Nathan Bentley

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