Loving our Neighbor

The mission of LifePoint Church is to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ through intentionally serving, giving, & caring for our neighbor. Biblically speaking, neighbor is a big word that encompasses every other human being on earth. Because of this, LifePoint pastors, elders, and staff make a concerted effort to support the global and local mission work that brings the Gospel to our neighbors.

One of the ministries supported by LifePoint is Grace Without Borders Ministry (GWBM) which is a thriving prison ministry with reach in several states. This past week, our former intern stopped by the office for some prayer before he preached to over 500 men at a prison in Eloy. Society can sometimes have the mentality to more-or-less dismiss the plight of those in prison because they “deserve to be there” or “committing a crime was their choice” but would the Bible agree?

After all, the apostle Paul himself was a prisoner at one point in his life!  Matthew 25:36,40 talks about the care of prisoners because we are called to care for all humans in need.
LifePoint partners with GWBM because they are acting out their faith by serving those in need and loving them by sharing the Gospel. The ministry was started by an obedient servant and flourishes because of other obedient servants.

What is God calling you to? How is God calling you to care for your neighbor? There are so many opportunities for us as Christians to go into the world to demonstrate and share the love of Jesus, imagine what we can do when we listen and GO!

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