Medication Fundraiser for Haiti

Haiti is a heavily populated island in the Caribbean, neighboring the Dominican Republic. The population of Haiti is approximately 10.8 million people, which makes it the most populated country in the Caribbean.

To date, Haiti does not have any kind of government healthcare system, and due to the corrupt government they do have, many of the citizens are left to figure it out on their own, which means they often die from some of the most common illnesses that we can be healed from in the United States.

Why are we mentioning this to you? In September a group of 12 people from LifePoint Church will be leaving on a medical mission trip to provide healthcare to the citizens of Peredo, Haiti. The group will be working with Haitian Christian Outreach and spending time in remote villages and areas, seeing patients and caring for their medical needs. These are areas where people may never have the chance to even see a medical provider.

During the week that the group is there, the goal will be for them to see as many patients as possible, which God willing, will be over 700. These patients will see a medical provider and have medications prescribed and filled for them on site.

This is where the team needs your help. On May 12th, the team will be holding a medication fundraiser in the lobby of the church. A board will be set up that will list 10 medications the team is collecting, from Children’s liquid Tylenol and liquid Ibuprofen to adult multivitamins and hydrocortisone cream. You will be able to select which medication you would like to donate, write your name and chosen medication down and then purchase the medication and return it back to the church on May 19th. By helping to purchase these medications and donating them to the team, it will save the team the cost of purchasing them from a medication supplier and allow the team to offer more to those that are served on the mission field.

You have the opportunity to play a huge role in the care that is given to the Haitians in Peredo and we thank you for partnering with us.

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