Mike DeCicco came home!



















On the morning of April 3rd Mike DeCicco was rushed to the hospital when his wife Amber tried to wake him. He was breathing, but unresponsive.  After many hours of waiting and many tests, they found Mike suffering from bacterial meningitis.  The test showed swelling around his brain and what the doctors thought were signs of stroke.  Mike was in a coma in the ICU heavily medicated to fight the infection, which was potentially deadly.  The status reports Amber received in the beginning days were not good news, but her steadfast faith in the Lord kept her in the mindset of Mike recovering.  As each day passed, Mike still in a coma, but showing signs of improvement.  Every time he moved his hands, itched his nose was a sign that God was in control.  As Amber and Mike’s church family rallied around them with nonstop prayer, helping take care of their 6 children while Amber spent hours at Mike bedside and doing whatever needed to be done to keep their home and farm running, Mike continued to fight to recover.  Mike spent four weeks in the ICU and made such progress, even the doctors were shocked. He was able to be transferred to a rehabilitation center for the rest of his recovery.

Fast forward to today, Mike was released from the rehabilitation center on May 30th after only needing four weeks to learn again many of the daily functions we take for granted.  He worked hard each day during his many therapy sessions with Amber by his side believing the Lord was walking with Mike through this journey.  As Amber sat watching her husband her heart was telling her “When in darkness, wait intently on the Lord.  Do not turn to the world for answers.  Turn to the Lord.  Cry out to Him; rejoice in Him. Then, when the Lord brings you through the darkness, proclaim His goodness”.  Mike is now home and continuing to work on his rehabilitation, spending much needed time with his wife and children and by the grace of God was able to attend church this past Sunday.  Through all of this Amber’s walk with the Lord did not waver, her faith was strengthened and this is what she has learned, “As we trust the Lord during our trials we are the beginning of Hope for others.  He does not ask us to go ahead on our own.  Cling to Him.  He is steadfast.  He goes before us. Live a life full of prayer, each through and action in accordance with His spirit in us”.


    1. Avatar for lpcreativearts Pauline Bray : June 7, 2018 at 3:22 pm

      Praise the Lord
      Mike is once again where he needs to be, home with his family. His boys will be his best medicine.
      God Bless the DeCicco Family

    2. Avatar for lpcreativearts Julie Spezzano : June 12, 2018 at 8:04 am

      Amber I was always amazed by you & your abilites. To God be the glory of a faithful family & church standing together in prayer & strength. Miss you all!

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