Missions Sunday

The 5th Sunday of each month is special for LifePoint because we only get a few of them each year. LifePoint calls these 5th Sundays, “Missions Sunday.” A portion of the funds brought in from the offering is dedicated to missions directly on these Missions Sundays. Normally LP donations money to various missions and partners, but these additional funds go to help in unusual or new ways. The most recent Missions Sunday was May 30th.

3 pallets of goods showed up at LifePoint Church, June 11, 2020. Dozens and dozens of boxes of food, cases, and cases of water, bags of flour, sugar, beans, and all the necessary supplies for life. Due to COVID, one of our partners, Arizona Reservation Ministries, has had some difficulty in securing food for the Apache Reservation it serves. We decided what better way to be a blessing than to use the funds to gather food items. In addition to making 2 long trips to deliver the food, one congregant (Tom Atwell) volunteered his time to pick up and deliver some donated furniture as well! We cannot thank Tom enough for his assistance in gathering and delivering all of the much-needed items. Two and a half pallets of goods when to support our partners on the San Carlos Reservation, A.R.M. They work directly with local elders and families to disperse the food and all goods donated.

A.R.M. was not the only LifePoint partner to benefit from our Missions Sunday donations. UMOM, a new local partner out of Phoenix, helps local Homeless Youth. We’ve recently partnered with them to donate various items, including some much-needed snacks! We know how hungry teens need lots of snacks! It was our pleasure to support both of these wonderful ministries as they work with those in most need. To learn more about UMOM or A.R.M., visit our Facebook Page @LifePointMissions or see umom.org and azrez.org

Evan & Veronica Thiele
Missions Directors
LifePoint Church

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