Moving Forward

When I was younger my father would always jokingly say, “son, it is always better to look good than to be good.” To this day I still use that phrase as a reminder of what it is the world is asking of me. They want my appearance to be one that is “good.” But, good by whose standards? Whether it is through social media, or how we present ourselves when we go to church, shopping, hobby’s or hanging out with friends, the thought crosses our minds, “does this outfit, hairstyle, shoes make me look good?” The definition of good is subjective of course, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all. The problem with this line of thinking when we look at a church and are evaluating its credibility becomes apparent when from all intents & purposes everything looks good, but under the surface, not many people are “being” good.

How can you tell if a church is really good beyond its appearances? How does leadership in a church know that those who call their ministry home are walking the walk outside of Sunday morning, likewise, how can the congregants know that the leadership is being held accountable for their Life choices?

That’s a lot of really personal questions, but isn’t that what the church is supposed to be…personal? Not a sterile environment where the saved gather to worship then return to their regular daily schedule, but a place where the family comes together to fellowship with one another, bear each other’s burdens, and worship & repent before an Almighty God. In order to be a family, there has to be mutual submission, humility, accountability, discipline, forbearance, and forgiveness. Not a single one of those attributes can be missing otherwise you will have a very unhealthy family dynamic which will tend to chaos and disorder.

This week we will be revealing just exactly what LifePoint means when we invite you to be in covenant with us. Numerous times throughout the New Testament pastors and elders are called overseers. Those who are looking out for and caring for the well-being of the family members. Moving forward, that is exactly what we intend to do here at LifePoint, we want to be better than what we have been and see greater growth, not in numbers of people or finances, but healthy marriages, baptisms, disciples, and evangelists.

Please continue to pray for this transition in the culture of Lifepoint and what God is leading you to do. Rebuke a spirit of pride that will want to rise up and tell you to protect your heart and not let anyone in. I am praying for you during this time and grateful the Lord has brought you here.


Nathan Bentley

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