My Buddy

Who do you think of when someone asks you “Who is your best friend?”. For the longest time my thoughts would have gone to certain guys, dudes or bros currently in my life. I picture the scene in a bar where you find yourself in a bad spot, in a wee bit of trouble per say, and outnumbered by a group of guys who want to beat you to a pulp. It always feels a little better if you can look to your right or left and have that someone standing next to you willing to fight.

That’s who I picture my best friend to be. The guy willing to take a beating with you. For you ladies I imagine it’s a tad different. Your picturing that female friend who is there for you whenever you need emotional support, sitting next to you listening and giving counsel. In sitting here reading the words above I am baffled why us guys find it fun to get pummeled with our best friend…it seems as if you ladies have the concept of friendship down a little better. Lesson learned.

Christ outlines friendship more along the lines of how you ladies approach it, and we will see that listening, honesty and vulnerability will lead to the blessing of friendship in our marriages. So join us this Sunday as we continue to dive into marriage and take a look at the concept of friendship and why that should be the purpose in our relationship. See you on Sunday.”

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