My360Project & Mexico

Our newest partner, My360Project, offers shoes to children all over the world. These aren’t simple sneakers though. These shoes actually grow with the child! How many times have you wished for a pair of shoes that would grow as your children grew? These shoes aren’t simply boastful, they hold up to a high quality of standard! Each one is made by a local artisan, thus creating more income and jobs for the communities they serve. To learn more about My360Project, check out their website!

I was recently asked if I would accompany the next team to their location in Mexico where they are opening a new factory on the Baja side of Mexico. This gives us a view into what My360Project actually does while on missions. Vicente Guerrero, Mexico, is a small migrant community that will definitely benefit from the employment that comes with this new factory. Additionally, those living in the area would benefit from such an amazing product!

Kelsey Regan and I will travel on March 4th through March 8th with an existing team from Alaska. We are so excited to be partnering with My360Project and to be learning more about how we can come alongside them in the future. Please join us in prayer during this time! Kelsey will be sharing her experience when we return.

If you are interested in going on a mission to Mexico, Belize, Haiti, or the Philippines, please send us an email at

Veronica Thiele, Missions Director

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