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The Hope Women’s Center in Coolidge, AZ









Tuesday morning, June 12, the LifePoint Church staff was made aware of an immediate ministry need with one of our Ministry Partners, The Hope Women’s Center in Coolidge, AZ.   Sometime during late Sunday night, June 10thor early Monday morning the 11th, thieves broke into the Center and sole all of the TV’s, a laptop Computer, and all of the toiletries items the center makes available for the women they serve.  Also, all of the meat in their freezer was taken as well as most of the canned food.  These foods were the supplies the center uses to prepare meals for their ladies that are served weekly by the staff and volunteers at Hope.

The immediate needs are as follows:

  • One 27” flat screen TV for their training room. The other TV’s have been replaced already.
  • Monetary donations to cover the cost of replacing the foods that was taken and the food that spoiled when the refrigerator was left open by the perpetrators.
  • All types of regular sized women’s toiletries can be donated and monetary donations  as well to cover the cost of replacing the supply of toiletries.

Fortunately, the lap top computer has been replaced as well and a very generous benefactor has stepped forward and provided a security system that was to be installed on June 12th.  The needs are immediate and very necessary in order for this wonderful ministry to function.  Won’t you help?

Jolyn Logan is the Hope Center Director and a Member of LifePoint Church. You can contact her at the center to let her know how you can help.  Her number at the center is 520-723-8888.  Please contact her today!




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