Okay Fine, I’ll Pray

Why does prayer come in last? We make every effort to tell ourselves that this year will be different. “Today will be different I promise God,” we say. Our intent is that we will spend more time in prayer.

Many of us may have been taught that as a kid. Make sure you say your prayers…when you wake up, before dinner and before you go to bed. But life takes over and our well-intentioned thoughts and promises to spend more time in prayer go to the wayside.

We can go days, weeks…even months without being with our Father. We justify that with our many reasons. Through love, God will allow a storm to invade our life that will often bring pain and suffering. And then its when we turn to Him in prayer.

This Sunday we will see Jonah do the same. We don’t see Jonah go into prayer until God allows a storm to enter into his life. See you on Sunday!

Pastor Blake

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