On a Little Donkey…

One of the most awesome things about Scripture is how certain details pop-out at you when you read the same things over and over. I grew up in a Roman Catholic church and have heard the story of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem at the start of what’s known as Holy Week (from this Sunday until Easter Sunday on April 4, 2021) a hundred times at least. BUT, what stood out to me is that the donkey Jesus rode in on was a colt—right, it says that in the Gospel accounts, but why a colt? Then I got to thinking, a full-grown donkey isn’t exactly a huge animal, and a colt is a donkey that is two years old or younger which isn’t considered a “full-grown” donkey until about 3-5 years old (they can live up to 40 years). Then with a little research, it dawned on me that this is a small piece of evidence that our Lord and Saviour, Jesus, was not a large man! He couldn’t have been because he wasn’t riding on the adult donkey, he rode on a colt. I just love it when details like this shed more and more light on the account of Holy Week that led to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday. . .it’s the day we remember the beginning of Holy Week when Jesus rode into Jerusalem. We can celebrate this time because our Saviour conquered the grave and lives!

Pastor Chad

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