Our Philippines missionary

Our Philippines missionary

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Have you ever considered serving God as a Missionary? Whether it would be a short-term stint or a longer term commitment, has it ever crossed your mind?  I know for me personally, I believed that God wanted me to serve him in the good ‘ole USA and not anywhere “overseas.”  However one day, through the promptings of my wife Susie, as God worked in her heart, we went to Haiti.

Trish Van Alstyne, one of LifePoint’s church members, or as many children know her as Grammy Trish and Sparrow T. Clown, was focusing on her Ministry stateside.  Busy in God’s Ministry as Sparrow T. Clown, “Clowning for the King” she was invited to travel to the Philippines. She said yes, I will go and her life was turned upside down!  Now, a veteran long-term Missionary of more than a year on the Mission field serving our God at The Father’s House on Samal Island, Philippines she has an increased vision for serving the Lord. The Bible tells us a great story through the Prayer of Jabez, in 1 Chronicles 4:10 as Jabez asked the Lord to bless him, enlarge his territory and keep him from harm!  Guess what, God answered his prayer and Jabez had a greater impact for the Kingdom.  Sometimes, God asks usto enlarge our territory and serve him outside our normal “borders.”  That happened to Grammy Trish and she said, “YES!  Here am I, send me.”

Join us during the worship services this Sunday morning, June 24thas I interview Trish and ask her to share some more of her experiences as LifePoint’s very first long-term Missionary.  See you at 9:45 am on Sunday.



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