A Tale of Two Fathers

With this Sunday being Father’s Day, I think it is timely and appropriate that we are in the second half of John 8, where the whole rest of the discourse between Jesus and the Pharisees is on the subject of Fatherhood and sonship. There is so much pride and ownership on who a man’s father is that they find their identity as men in this understanding. They claim to be sons of Abraham but Jesus refutes this claim by calling them sons of Satan, who is the father of lies. All the while, He is from the one true Father, the creator of heaven and earth and that Abraham rejoiced to see the day of His arrival, thus telling all those listening, before Abraham was…I am!

This Sunday we will take some time exploring how it could be that these men who dedicated their whole lives to the pursuit of righteousness and God could have had it so wrong, the importance of fatherly figures in our lives, and the claims of Jesus and the impact they have on your life today.


Nathan Bentley

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