Peace in Turbulence

If you have ever been on a ship in stormy seas, or in a plane and turbulence strikes, then you know the feeling of instability. Looking for something to grab onto that would provide some sense of stability, but everything is moving and shaking and for many people is frightening enough to keep them from flying or going out to sea.

To handle these de-stabilizing events both ships and planes have stabilizers. In airplanes, the back fins are mainly their stabilizers. The vertical fin is what keeps you from bobbing around right to left, but in particular, the horizontal rear fin is what keeps you from bobbing up and down. A Ships stabilizers are fins or rotors mounted beneath the waterline and emerging laterally from the hull to reduce a ship’s roll due to wind or waves. Active fins are controlled by a gyroscopic control system

So let me ask you something, what are the stabilizers in your life? There is no question we are currently in very turbulent times and everyone, no matter your religious background, is looking to find something to stabilize ourselves when everything that is usually solid seems to be crumbling.

In Philippians 4, Paul discusses what has been his stabilizer and how the church can find peace in turbulent times. Take some time and read Philippians before this Sunday and ask the Lord to show you what is bringing stability in your life.

Nathan Bentley

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