Piercing the Darkness

All you need to defeat a pitch black room is a pin hole where light can get through. Then soon your eyes will adjust and use that light to see your surroundings. By the time Jesus was born on this earth the darkness had come in it’s fulness we are told, (Gal. 4:4).

Darkness only has power to exist in the absence of light, when any amount of light enters the picture darkness loses all its power. This is true of physical light and dark we observe in nature, it is true of a Christians battle with sin and Jesus said it was true of him entering this world, “that he, the light, has shone in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it, (John 1:5)”

Therefore, darkness has disguised itself as light in order to keep man in darkness, all the while believing he is walking in light. This strategy is not new, it is the very strategy of the devil in the garden and it is what we are seeing int he American church today. A counterfeit light that appears to light the way until real struggle, trials and pain come in and we find the light we thought was illuminating our life a mirage of sorts that is snuffed out in the midst of testing.

The book of John is about the true light of life. It is written in a way that a five year old can understand it and believe and yet has a depth that even the most experienced scholar will find they are incapable of knowing it all fully. I encourage you to read the first chapter of the book of John this week and ask God to reveal his light against any false lights that have come into your life.

If we are going to make a difference in our families and neighborhoods, only the true light will suffice.

Nathan Bentley

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