Prayers for our missions partners

We are asking for immediate prayers! Several of our partners are dealing with the fires Northeast of us. Our partners at Arizona Reservation Ministries (A.R.M. on San Carlos Indian Reservation) and 3B Ranch (in Top of the World) are dealing with evacuations in their local community.  

Top of the World, The Johnston family at 3B Ranch has given their home up as a hub for all the emergency crews. We are asking that 3B Ranch be in your prayers for safety, direction, provisions, and rest for the weary. Since 3B Ranch is located right on the 60, they are being asked to stay put for now. We will be in touch with them often to see how we can partner with them if a need arises.  

One of our partners and friend, Diana, from A.R.M. says:  

We can see flames from our kitchen window. There are two huge fires burning; the Mescal is on the San Carlos Apache Reservation and is over 65,000 acres. The fire crews had done a great job of backburning, dozer lines, etc., but this community is once again in danger. Your guys (LifePoint Church) have worked on homes here. MAJOR prayer request for this fire is for no one to lose their home. Insurance is non-existent here. A wonderful thing unfolding is that people from the Reservation are willing to open their homes to others… and are praying for their neighbors in Miami and Globe. 

However, the Telegraph fire, which originated south of Superior has headed east RAPIDLY. It’s currently over 71,000 acres. Parts of Miami have been evacuated. The fire is blowing primarily east-and a bit north. That means we were evacuated from our offices yesterday. We had already taken much of the critical files, computers, etc. in anticipation of this, but got more when the order came. Our offices are in a canyon that leads to the Pinal Mountains. Our guys had done a lot of brush removal prior to this (your team just painted our offices!) Much of the mountain is uninhabited, but evacuations are unfolding for areas nearby. Globe is in the middle of the two fires. 

Diana, from ARM, came up with some great prayer requests that we echo: 

*for those on the Reservation to have ALL homes-whatever they look like, safe. 

*for those evacuated to have a safe place to go (we almost had a car full today 🙂) 

*for the winds to die down so they can get both fires under control. 

*for safety for those fighting these fires. We have friends and former Church Bus kids who’ve grown up fighting these fires, as well as people from across the US. 

*for safety for the MANY who are flying planes and helicopters in on a near-frequent basis to drop water and slurry on these. 

*for those affected by the smoke. 

*for those who need their medications; Walmart and others are on alert to close (and already closed early once). 

Thank you to everyone that has reached out in hopes to help. We will be in touch with both of our partners, often, to see how we can partner with them if a need arises. At this point, we suspect that clothing, blankets, water, and shelf-stable foods will be needed soon.

Veronica Thiele

Missions Director

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