Purpose and Function

Ahhh marriage, such an easy thing to enter into and yet so much harder to stick with. It is the dream of so many little girls when they think about their wedding day with the location, the dress, the amenities, it is all so festive and beautiful. Then comes the reality…1 year, 5 years, 15 years, etc…why did I spend so much time preparing for a singular day of my life when I should have been preparing for the thousands of days to follow and having to live with this barbarian?

Then we have the male species, who let’s be honest doesn’t really put a lot of stock into the wedding day as much as he does being excited he got this young beautiful girl to like him and agree to take care of him for the rest of her life..oh yea and sex. He doesn’t prepare his heart and mind for what will happen when children enter the picture and she is no longer the adventure seeking, “fun” person he married and fell in love with. He never accounts for the years of neglect he has accumulated to making her feel as valued as she was when they first started dating.

That brings us to this moment, the moment where you are debating in your head if it would be better to just call it quits and start over with another or to get counseling and try to make it work, or just continue on as you have been and hope things will just naturally get better.

When I speak with couples who have asked me to officiate their wedding, the first question I ask is, “why have you chosen to marry him/her?” There is almost always an awkward pause and even more awkward answer to the question…”uuhhh, I love him?” “I think she is funny and has nice teeth.”

Oh boy! We may need more than a few weeks to work through just exactly what marriage is, why God invented it and how to maybe, be just a little more conscious of the purpose of marriage.

See you this weekend!

Nathan Bentley

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