Ready to go Like Matthias

The new year is merely days away. A new year tends to attract a new start in people’s lives. A new direction or a new focus. Losing weight is always at the top of people’s lists. Being we just passed through Christmas, loving more or being more kind tends to get attention as well.

This Sunday I am going to challenge each of us to be prepared like Matthias and Joseph. Who are these two? These are the two men the 11 disciples chose to replace Judas after Jesus ascended into heaven. Matthias gets the nod from God and becomes the “replacement” apostle. Both of these two had something on their resume we will never be able to do. They walked with Jesus physically. Like the other 11, they were around and saw first-hand the miracles and lessons from Jesus, however, their other qualities which make them prime candidates for the position can be achieved by each and every one of us.

They weren’t sitting on the couch binging Netflix when someone posted Apostleship Position Applications on the town bulletin board. No. They were a part of the ministry! Their hearts, ambition, and desires were to serve Jesus. They were back-up apostles ready to go at a moment’s notice. They had to know the playbook, Old Testament writings, and Jesus’ lessons. Ready to execute the plays such as love the Lord with all your heart, mind, strength & soul, love your neighbor as yourself and take care of widows & orphans. Imagine a back-up quarterback for a football team or any other back up player for that matter. They have to know the plays, know how to execute them & perform them well if they ever want to get off the bench. I love football but do not have the memory to keep track of the countless QB’s that never made first squad, even on my favorite teams. There are a few who stand out. Men who were prepared and ready to go when the opportunity presented itself. You may have heard of Drew Brees and Tom Brady.

How are you doing with the game plan God has for your life? Have you been looking over and practicing the plays within the playbook, the Bible…or do you have a few more episodes left on the final season before you can get to that?

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