Resurrecting Dry Bones

This Sunday we begin our 4 Sunday, 3 week fasting season that we start every year off, here at LifePoint. Please be praying, and asking God what your fast will be and what he wants to replace that area of your life with. Fasting is never about just giving something up, but also about what we choose to fill that time with. If you give up TV, social media, or types of food…what will you put in its place? Prayer? Journaling? Counseling or mentoring?

As pastors and staff we will be fasting with the common goal of seeking God’s direction for ourselves and corporately with the new vision of 2019 to “GO” to our neighbors and fill our church on Sunday mornings with the lost and unbeliever.

This will not be easy and will require quite a bit of uncomfortable situations and require us to lay down our preconceptions of what church is and what God has called each of us individually to be doing.

I am on my knees praying for you this week as I go before the Lord and remind Him I cannot do this alone. I need each and every one of you to stand with me in this endeavor to love our neighbors and reach the lost.

See you Sunday!


Nathan Bentley

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