REV High School

What is REV United?
It’s the High School Ministry of LifePoint Church.

We are designed to do life together. We all want to belong; to know that we’re genuinely accepted and valued. When you come to REV United you’re not just another face in the crowd. You’re an irreplaceable individual in an unshakable movement of young people who live their lives united under one purpose, one cause, one name—Jesus Christ.

We believe the Bible is the true Word of God. It’s not some irrelevant book of yesterday. It’s the handbook for real life today and tomorrow. At REV United, you’ll find we talk straight about the issues you deal with every day in a way that’s raw, passionate, and just plain funny at times.

When do you meet & what do you do?
REV United meets on Wednesday nights from 7-9PM.

Our ministry is designed for the high school student needing answers to life’s hard questions & opportunity to hang with & learn from their peers. There are games, worship, group Bible teaching and then breaking into appropriate ages, REV Groups, to discuss further & grow in accountability. On the last Wednesday of each month we blow the doors off with REV Night—You will just have to come & experience it to understand! 

Will I be welcomed at REV United?

REV United is a ministry for all High School age teens—the ONLY label God puts on us is “child”. In Matthew 19:14, Jesus said: “let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” This was without condition and without constraints! We only have one rule at REV United: you don’t need to be perfect. Too many teens are struggling with complex life issues like divorced parents, sex, drugs, same-sex attraction, suicide, or depression and we want you to know that Christ loves you, REV United loves you, and Christ is the answer for all of life’s challenges! The world is unloving and wants to tear you down—no matter what you’ve heard that is not what Jesus taught.

**Can you be gay and Christian? Is it a sin to be gay? How do you live life without sex? How do I support my same-sex attracted Christian friend/family member? As a Christian, how do I support my gay friends/family members and still be obedient to God?  As a Christian parent, what do I do if one of my children comes out? Living Out is a group of Christians who personally understand the struggles and bring out into the open the questions and dilemmas that gay Christians often face. You are not alone.” REV United welcomes everyone if you need help or want resources on same-sex attraction check out www.livingout.orgfor more info. **

Does REV United do anything else fun or cool?
Fo sho! We’ve always got lots of cool stuff going on—camps, trips, events, and whatever else we can come up with! You’ll find info on our annual over-the-top blow out events (like conferences or international mission trips) way in advance, at our services, on the web, or via the LifePoint App. Other activities (like hiking, bonfires, competitions, or a day at the park) may just pop up out of nowhere, like an unexpected quarter in your couch, and fill the void in an otherwise dull week.

How can my parents find out what’s going on?
We know, we know…Moms want to know everything about everything and as far as REV United stuff is concerned, its super easy. We will communicate through our group nights and have everything online, via the church webpage, Facebook & Twitter.  We also communicate via the LifePoint Church App (Text “LIFEPOINTAZ APP” to 77977 to get a link). You can also email Pastor Chad at rev@lifepointaz.comor give him a call at 480.888.1560 (Office Hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm)


For High School Events,

Click HERE to download the Student Participation Waiver.