Short-term Mission Trips:  Your Trip Of A Lifetime?

Short-term Mission Trips:  Your Trip Of A Lifetime?

Pastor Rick White










As the 2018 Short Term Mission Trip season comes to a close at LifePoint, I can’t help reminiscing about the trips that have taken place so far this last year. On March 1, ten people flew to Belize City, Belize and held a Marriage Retreat for the Calvary Church in Belize City.  It was an awesome trip and lives were changed for both the Belize couples and the American couples that traveled.  In mid- April, two Nurses from LifePoint linked  up with another Church and went to Cap Haitian and served a number of Medical Facilities treating 100’s of needy Haitians.  One is returning in October and has recruited still another LifePoint lady to return to Haiti with her. Also in April, 10 people went to Kenya and did amazing work.  A single mother received a new home, the girls at the Akili Girls Preparatory School were blessed in countless ways and the team returning saw their lives changed as well.

Another LifePoint member went to Africa for two weeks and taught numerous classes and preached and has been invited back for 2019.  Another LifePointer is going to Haiti at the end of July to help conduct a VBS program.  She will be working west of Port Au Prince, the capital city while there.  At the end of September, 10 people will travel to the Philippines and will construct two more cottages for the Orphaned Children from the streets of Davao City.  What a wonderful year for the Missions Ministry here at LifePoint in 2018..

Soon, the roster for 2019 Short-term Trips will be published and you too can start praying, planning and dreaming about going.  Over the years I have encountered people who are thinking about taking the trip plunge, but don’t know what to expect since they had never been on a mission trip before.

LifePoint has created a training manual for all short-term mission trip participants to follow and learn a great deal about the country you will travel to and what will happen while there.  Each trip leader is committed to teaching you what you need to know and are experienced travelers.  So, fear not, we will tell you how to plan, to pursue funds to help you pay for the trip, the clothing to take, any immunizations you need and what it will be like when you return. 

Watch for the 2019 Missions Trip schedule coming soon, and let me know if you would to see a copy the Short-term Mission Trip Manual.  Start praying now for your trip of a lifetime experience.

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