Some Kind of Point: The SLAM!

Last week we had over 100 students from fourth grade to high school seniors attend The SLAM! This was an event originally scheduled for last June but you may all be aware of things of this world during that time. So YouthLife leaders made it into a Spring Break event. There was food every night along with Laser Tag, a scavenger hunt, and dodgeball played in soapy suds on the grass…which was spread everywhere! And it was AWESOME! We had nightly worship and a wonderful, deep lesson and conversation wrapped around our far too forgotten part of the trinity, the Holy Spirit. We used Christ in Youth’s program material mixed with our own talents which made each night an opportunity to advance young people’s relationships with God. Though only He knows what took place in each individual’s heart, I can tell you from interactions and comments I have received from students, parents, and grandparents, it was a great success.

This size of event could not have taken place without a plethora of volunteers and that is exactly what we had. Great examples of service were these diligent leaders to the students, filling double duty throughout the nights. They went from passing out food to leading young troops in Laser Tag Capture the Flag and heavily saturating themselves in soapy bubbles and dead grass to facilitating personal, developing conversations as small group leaders. A big shout out to Matthew for leading the 456 KidzLife group through the week and our co-teachers Josh and Nate who after running around setting up games came in to teach later that night.

Again, the volunteers were the backbone of this event and I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you put in. Some coming early to help set up and others staying late for the thankless job of clean up…and believe me, we made a mess each night.

Once again thank you all and mostly, thank you Holy Spirit for working diligently through so many people in one place to pull off a youth event like this and changing lives for eternity. God is good and my heart is full.


Mike Shamburg

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