Spiritual Guidance

Who here would like a little guidance from God? Okay so everyone…that’s great. What do we need guidance for? Probably for things like which job or career path to take, where do I send my kids to school, which retirement community should I live in or do I wear the suit with our without a tie?

Of course, these are all valid decisions that have to be made and worthy of our time and God’s time, right? In our thoughts as we seek the Lord in these things often we go to places like, “well if I choose wrong then God is going to be upset with me and not bless my decision.”

But the problem in the guidance we are requesting is none of them really present a moral or ethical dilemma. The questions above are more-so forks in the road and you want to make the best choice that will provide the most security, comfort, and direction for a better life. And when seeking these things you feel like God is silent or you struggle to hear His voice.

In Mark chapter 4 the disciples and Jesus were out to sea when a violent storm approached their boat. The disciples panicked while Jesus was sleeping. In verse 38 The disciples woke him saying “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” The disciples wanted guidance on which way to steer the boat and yet their Lord was asleep. Because it wasn’t guidance they needed, it was faith.

God had already given them guidance by telling His disciples to come with him to the other side of the sea in verse 35. They needed to trust that they would arrive at that destination. For us, God’s guidance is given in what He DOES in your obedience and trust according to His perfect will.

Bring your Bibles and join us this Sunday as we clear the road to seeing how God gives divine guidance.

Pastor Blake

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