The Saga Continues

Good morning you excited to be alive you excited to be here all right that was mixed I’m a little worried I expected much more unity in that it was like meant to take it or leave it you’re scaring me all right well I’m excited to be here I’m excited to bring the word of the Lord as we talk about this guy named Nehemiah all right you are it see you are excited to be here good job all right so brief recap of last week we read chapter 1 and setup the story of Nehemiah we said that you will never lighten any load until you first fill the burden in your own soul and so hopefully this week you spent some time soul-searching and saying Lord what have you burdened my heart with and maybe for some people in a season this is a big one it might just be your family and I don’t say just as Hinn it’s not important I say it doesn’t have to be some mission trip or lost people’s for the Lord what would be incredible and could bring revival alone in America is if husbands and wives put their family as their main mission amen and just said you know what the burden in my soul is my children is my wife my husband that may be the thing that God is burdening you with to invest time and energy and thought maybe where you weren’t so we’re on Nehemiah 2 today and so you can open up your Bibles there should be one underneath the seat in front of you if you didn’t bring one we’ll be in the NIV version again and you can do that on your smartphone brief recap Nehemiah 1 opens with his brother Hanani coming to him from Jerusalem Nehemiah is in Susa there in Babylon in the king’s palace he’s a cup bearer to the king it’s also advisor to the king I just want to be clear on one thing I mentioned last week that he was a slave he was not a slave at this point I lost my lights not lit up anymore he was not a slave at this point a cup bearer or an advisor to the king was a very trusted high position to be in but you got to remember Nehemiah and Israelite does not know the Holy Land doesn’t no Jerusalem only knows Babylon would have been born in captivity so to speak and then found his way to the position he’s at now so I just wanted to be clear on that last week I said you know that he came in as a slave he’s not a slave in this position this wasn’t a slaves position this was an honorary position he had got it basically afforded him and so his brother says Jerusalem is in ruins the Holy Lands in ruins he weeps for it breaks his heart prays and fasts for it and we end chapter one with that and so now we pick up the story in Chapter two and again it’s a historical book but it’s also his memoirs his diary and so it reads exciting it reads like a Hollywood movie and so I’m gonna read chapter two to us here without stopping well maybe well if I won’t stop and we’re just gonna see what Nehemiah writes here because he’s telling this story this incredible story of the burden that was put on his heart and then how God used him to prepare Jerusalem for centuries 430 some odd years before Christ would be born pretty incredible so here we go Nehemiah chapter 2 verse 1 the saga continues I wanted to have the Netflix bu-bum that noise it makes and then you guys would all go son bitch okay I’m listening in the month of Neeson Nissen Nissan okay by the way what did chapter 1 open up in what month were we in November that’s cheating what is the month that it says she was here for a service to she’s a total suck-up right over here yeah it’s my wife by the way I’m in trouble so yes what was the month though that is recorded in the Bible which that what’s the name of it I just love well done Kislev is November December in our calendar Nissen is March April yup so we move from winter to spring or fall to spring however you want to look at that here we go in the month of Nisan in the 20th year of king Artaxerxes when wine was brought before him I took the wine and gave it to the king I had not been sad in his presence before so the King asked me why does your face look so sad when you are not ill this can be nothing but sadness of heart I was very much afraid but I said to the king may the king live forever why should my face not look sad when the city where my ancestors are buried lies in ruins and at its gates and its gates have been destroyed by fire the king said to me what is it that you want then I prayed to the God of heaven and I answered the king if it pleases the King and if your servant has found favor in his sight let him send me to the city in Judah where my ancestors are buried so I may rebuild it then the king with the Queen sitting beside him asked me how long will your journey take and one will you get back it pleased the king to send me so I set a time I also said to him if it pleases the king may I have letters to the governor of trans Euphrates so that they will provide me safe conduct into our arrived in Judah may I have a letter to ACF keeper of the Royal park so you will give me timber to make beams for the gates of the Citadel by the temple and for the city wall and for the home that all live in and because the gracious hand of my god was on me the King granted my request so I went to the governors of the trans Euphrates and gave them the King’s letters and the King had also sent army officers and a Calvary with me when Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the Ammonite boo right these are the bad guys just heads up here as I’m reading this if this was like an improv this would be the part where whenever I say Sanballat you say boo yeah see you got it Samuel at the horror night and Tobiah to ammonite officials heard about this they were very much disturbed that someone had come to promote the welfare of the Israelites they’re like God darn it we want to take over that land we don’t like those people and now here comes this guy first 11 I went to Jerusalem and after staying there three days I set out during the night with a few others I had not told anyone what my God had put on my heart to do for Jerusalem and there were no mounts that means horses with me except the one I was writing on by night I went out through the valley gate toward the jackal well and the dung gate examining the walls of Jerusalem which had been broken down and its gates which had been destroyed by fire then I moved on toward the fountain gate in the Kings pool I felt like the other gates got better names am I the only one jackal gate fountain gate dung gate the King’s pool but there was not enough room for my mount to get through so I went up the valley by night examining the wall finally I turned back and reenter through the valley gate the officials did not know where he had gone or what I was doing because as yet I had said nothing to the Jews or the priests the nobles the officials or anybody else what I was doing there and so I said to them you see the trouble we are in Jerusalem lies in ruins its gates have been burned with fire come let us rebuild the walls of Jerusalem that we may no longer be in disgrace I also told them about the gracious hand of God on me and what he and what the King had said to me they replied let’s start rebuilding so they began this good work but when Sanballat and Tobiah officials and guess him the Arab heard about it they mocked and ridiculed us I shall talk to you a second time what is this you are doing they asked are you rebelling against the king I answered them by saying the God of heaven will give us success we his servants will start rebuilding but as for you you have no share in Jerusalem or any claim or historic right to it this is the word of the Lord Nehemiah chapter 2 let’s pray father give us wisdom for today give us insight into the man that Nehemiah was the practical principles that he followed and would you give courage leadership and understanding to your sons and daughters here this morning in God’s in Jesus name Amen amen okay so there we are there’s the second chapter of Nehemiah the intrigue and insight into what it was like to move from hearing this devastating news of your homeland have the burden put on your heart and then what does he actually do with it so based on Warren Wiersbe commentary on this I want to walk through three main things that we see Nehemiah do that’s practical for you and I this morning and the first one is this and this one’s really tough for us this one might be the most difficult of the three and it’s he had a faith to wait anybody here have the faith to wait hurry up and wait he had the faith to wait because he says he says he didn’t only weep and pray but he also had to wait and pray right he had to sit calmly before the Lord Exodus 14 13 stand still and see the salvation of the Lord Ruth 3:18 sit still until you know how the matter will turn out Psalm 46:10 be still and know that I am God do you think we’re supposed to wait patiently on the Lord why is this so tough for us let me tell you I was looking at news articles this morning there’s this website that just scatters the Internet and puts all these articles and the tagline – this one said Phoenix soon to be testing testing grounds for new delivery robots anybody see this it’s a little tiny 50-pound box like this and it has wills and it will go the speed of a person walking 1.4 miles an hour or something like that and it can hold up to 20 pounds so what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna put these all over Phoenix they’re gonna have little stations and when you deliver a pizza on your phone you say I would like the tiny little robot to deliver it to me tiny robot will then go to the pizza joint you ordered pizza from they will put said pizza inside robot and it will just roll itself along the sidewalk to your house I can’t see anything going wrong with this at all personally I feel like it’s just easy easy peasy right and so the point is that they’re gonna have these things everywhere because 1.5 miles is the ideal distance to get from wherever you’re ordering to your house in 30 minutes so as if they’re sort of like you know sticking it to Amazon oh yeah you can deliver it in two hours we’re gonna do 30 minutes with our little tiny robots no wonder we don’t like to patiently wait like that’s where we’re at I want a robot to deliver me my food in 30 minutes and no longer will it be some kid in a broken-down Ford Escort it is going to be like a $50,000 robot that’s just gonna be rolling along the sidewalk okay I can’t wait til they learn how to hack it and they have a program with their phone there’s just gonna be some kid standing on the sidewalk just opening all these little robots getting free pizza and whatever you buy at the store he had the faith to wait four months from Kislev to Nissan four months four months he didn’t say Lord where are you Ford months he didn’t say God doesn’t care about me he’s not listening you know what else he did he didn’t just sit there and pray he didn’t just wake up every morning pray and they not think about it we know he did it because when the King asks him the question what is going on why are you sad he immediately has a response we’ll talk about that in a second but then he knows to ask for safe passage way he’s thought about it he’s already thought about the route it’s gonna take to get to Jerusalem he’s thought about the problems he’s going to encounter on that route and he knows a South the guy who’s in charge of timber so he will be able to build the gates in his own house when he gets there he’s researched it he’s planned it and he’s prepared for it but in four months he never stopped praying for it either four months we know Daniel fasted and prayed for three weeks on his knees until the angel of the Lord came to him four months is a long time imagine his brother it’s a two-month journey 980 miles from Susa in Babylon to the city to Jerusalem nine hundred eighty miles so in their time that little robot right two months to get there so his brother took two months to get to him tells him the plight sees that his brother who’s in this high position in the palace that he has a burden on his heart for it says okay I’ll see what I can do his brother takes the two month journey back and it’s like they’re texting along the way or sending emails like hey hey bro still still praying for it right he’s not posting little memes that says praying for God’s provision hashtag blessed he’s not doing that he’s just praying and then going about serving the king and doing his job and his brothers sitting there as times ticking by and he’s not hearing anything from him and it’s cuz Nehemiah is not hearing anything this is important this is important we’re in fast pray do we’re in a year in a season where God has us doing we’re gonna see revival we’re moving and yet sometimes God’s message before we do is just sit wait you see Nehemiah in his position as soon as he heard his brothers request could have said oh no big I know the key like I know him I’m actually really close to him I’ll take care of this hey don’t leave I’ll take care of this I’m gonna send you back with the materials let me just go talk to him right why not he had the resources he knew the guy why not because God didn’t tell him to he had the burden he fasted he did all the right things but God didn’t tell him to this is important the season of waiting why wait why when we live in a culture where a robot can deliver me my pizza in 30 minutes does God have to take so long to answer my prayers maybe he needs the technology the robot has or maybe in the waiting God is preparing me for the adversity that will come when he answers my prayer right as we read through the rest of Nehemiah here you’re gonna see that Sanballat Tobiah and Geshem are no small adversaries they are no tiny things to be dealt with they are massive obstacles that he will have to overcome in fact there are obstacles that Ezra who took the second exile of people back to Jerusalem couldn’t overcome when he tried to rebuild the city and so they just stopped these are big deals so often it is in the waiting that God for here’s us for the trials that will come when he answers our prayer Lord I want children Lord why can’t we have children I want children so bad and yet we can’t have him were struggling I remember praying that prayer we prayed that prayer and now we have him I’m like you could have waited I was wrong oh my gosh I love my kids so much I just love making fun of them more right it was in the waiting hit prepared us Oh Lord I want this job I want to be the boss I’ve been trying for this position and I keep getting turned down and I keep getting turned down why aren’t you answering my prayer we want this house we need this move our kids need this wait wait and don’t give up in the waiting don’t get lazy and apathetic for the cause that the Lord has burdened your heart in the waiting wait plan prepare and be ready because when the Lord says go he doesn’t usually say go and then expect us just slowly start sort of sauntering over to it he says go go now right this is what happens here when the time came in chapter 2 verses 4 through 8 he had the faith to wait first secondly he had the faith to ask now in Eastern monarchies you did not show up in front of the king with a sad face or his bad news you ever heard the phrase don’t shoot the messenger that’s his word this is where that phrase comes from if you brought the king bad news and inevitably somebody had to because life is full of bad news oftentimes the person bringing it would be killed because he just made the King angry literally even the Queen if she brought the king bad news could be killed it’s good to be king right and so that’s uh that’s the level of the Kings the Kings Authority and his power you do not look sad or down or grumpy in front of the king only happy people in front of the king and so Nehemiah knew this for four months this burden had been on his heart and he had been able to hide it he had kept it but on this day he couldn’t and the King calls him on it and says Nehemiah you’re not sick in fact the kind of sadness on your face looks like the kind of sadness that comes from deep within your heart what’s going on the question alone must have sent tremors down Nehemiah spine Oh No okay he’s seen it he has seen the fear in my eyes I have everyone else in the court would have heard the question the Queen sitting right next to him and it says this it says Nehemiah quickly prayed to the Lord now what kind of prayer do you think that is the Kings just asked you a question he didn’t just say just like king Oh Lord and start with this long drawn-out prayer and to God he did one of those quick like telegraphed prayers like oh god help me you ever done those I was accustomed to those in college and high school elementary school in kindergarten oh god help me right the night I asked Christi to marry me oh god help me like all of it I I have thrown so many of those up to the Lord it’s crazy and what’s cool about Nehemiah we actually see these a lot from him in the book of Nehemiah there’s over eight of them and we’ll point him out as we go but right before he has to make a decision or meet with an enemy or meet with the Israelite people he throws up these quick God help me help me in this moment right now help me and here’s the thing I believe the Lord ignored most of mine and my grades would prove that but I believe the Lord heard nehemiah’s because he had been prepared and he was planned because this isn’t the first time he had thought about it he wasn’t sitting here had been four months since his brother visited him and he was like oh yeah that’s right I should have been thinking about this God would you help me do something I have no preparation for no that’s not how God answers these types of prayers this is Lord I have been seeking you and in this moment would you give me courage to what I’ve already thought of you see the difference do you see that and so he throws this prayer up and this warren wheres piece says in his commentary on it had he been silent too long before the king this is how we know it was pretty quick then the King would have looked at it as treason or possibly he was defecting and could have had him killed on the spot because he did not answer the king immediately and so he says to the king he has the faith to ask and he does it like in typical Jewish tradition he asked sort of a question back to the king he pulls on the heartstrings of the king a bit and says I’m struggling to be happy when the city in which the people that I love that I am born the holy city there are people dying because they have no protection the king doesn’t care about some city a thousand miles away with people who were slaves once under his previous Kingdom but he cares about Nehemiah and he cares about life and death in general and so his heart says Nehemiah WA what do you need what do you need so Nehemiah has the faith to ask for something big to ask the king for the resources needed to rebuild a city a thousand miles away for something he has no real interesting you see the Bible tells us through Genesis all the way to Revelation that leaders in this world are placed there by the Lord it’s clear it doesn’t waver in that that’s not just some rare verse you can find it all the way throughout the Bible dictators Kings presidents judges are put there by the Lord it doesn’t mean they’re all Christian in fact they’re usually not it doesn’t mean they fear God in the time of Nehemiah they usually did not it means today you and I will most likely be under some sort of a leadership that does not fear the Lord so real quickly does the Bible give us any sort of advice on what we should do with this leadership pray for him listen to them obey show respect does the Christian community in America do a good job of showing respect for our leadership does our leadership earn our respect no do they need to here’s the tough one do they need to know why because they are only there because God has placed them there and if God saw fit to place them there I don’t care what I think of them or their policies I still have to show them respect I don’t have to agree with them I don’t have to like him but I have to show him respect you see Nehemiah did not agree with everything King Artaxerxes was doing like I said when his brother came he could have gone straight to the king and been like that jerk spends money everywhere and he does all of this I’m gonna make sure that he sends you back with what you need after all I’m the cupbearer if I won I could just go ahead and slip something in his next drink and he won’t even know about it so he better do what I ask why not take that approach God has just put the burden on your heart God has made it clear that there is a problem this is for God’s people you have seen God move in the history of your people why not just take a hard nosed approach to the king and tell him what for why not because the Lord is not going to ask you to do something which contradicts the character of the Lord that’s why David didn’t kill Saul right even though he had the opportunity to because he wasn’t going to do something which contradicted the character of God in order to gain the promise of God and so if your honor ever in a position where you need to lie cheat or still in order to obtain a promise or a position that you believe God has granted to you you are going at it the wrong way even if it produces a righteous result friends I’m telling you as Christian brothers and sisters with access to social media and people who around the world believers and non-believers will see your posts if we are posting stuff which demeans the president which demeans our leaders which pokes fun of them we literally go vastly against the thing God has asked us to do democrat or republican independent it doesn’t matter they have been placed there by the Lord and if we instead trust the Lord for the outcome of what happens in our country he will use them for his glory and that has been seen time and time again not just in the scriptures but move past the scriptures in that every century man has served God there has been a king or a queen or a judge or a dictator leader who has also assisted God in the work in his work of bringing his kingdom on in heaven on earth you get that Christians men and women have come alongside leaders in every single century to see God’s kingdom on this earth and most of those leaders weren’t Christian is it great to have Christian leadership in our in our country or in other countries it is it’s sweet but it’s not necessary what we need is Christian leaders out here in these seats and if you’re a leader and if you’re praying for your leaders and if you’re taking the burden God’s put on your heart and you’re not letting it go and you’re asking him for the right time then when the time comes for you to ask the King for something you will have the favour to do it here that that’s how you bring change and we can vote people in and we can rally behind people who have similar beliefs that’s great but if it doesn’t happen we have to believe that the Lord has something else in mind okay the third one is this he had the faith to wait he had the faith to ask lastly he had the faith to challenge others he had the faith to challenge others around him and sort of the faith I’m having this morning in challenging you when he got there so he comes with a Calvary right the king stuns him with the Kings cavalry to go and make this two-month journey to Jerusalem and he gets there and he doesn’t tell anybody what he’s doing he wants to first survey the property he wants to see the land he wants to see the walls and the gates for himself before he begins to talk about this vision of what he wants to do which is another just awesome little if I was teaching on leadership right now the principle of that that you don’t come in and just start telling people what to do survey the land do your own reconnaissance do your own work and then begin to talk about things because you now know about them rather than talking about them when you don’t know it’s a beautiful little leadership lesson but he has the face faith to begin to ask others to put them to work you see a leader cannot lead without people behind him helping to carry out the vision as much as we are sitting here talking about Nehemiah and none of the thousands of people who helped him along with the wall Nehemiah would not have finished this on his own the reason we’re talking about Nehemiah is because he humbled himself before the Lord surrendered himself fully before God to be used by God in a mighty way and that’s what I want to challenge you to do here this morning and here’s what’s really cool in a generation that seeks signs and wonders in a generation that wants to see miracles so we can prove that God exists so we can have that just last a little bit of assurance you know to see a miracle and I’ve talked about that I want to see a miracle I think it’d be awesome to see somebody healed miraculously I’d love to see it it doesn’t affect me one way or another it doesn’t waver my faith I would just think it’d be cool to see Nehemiah goes and wears be writes about this he performed no signs or wonders nor did he deliver any prophecies but he faithfully did his work and prepared a city for the coming Messiah he laid stone on top of stone he rebuilt gates he later helped give Ezra the courage he needed to become the priest and begin to lead the people in the religious studies do anything amazing to blow your mind and so for you and I who go about this week we don’t need to wait to hear some voice from the clouds tell us what to do or have a dream that gives us vision God’s already given us the work just go do the work and I want to say this about leadership is that there’s not a person in this room who can’t be a leader I’m not talking about on the same project I’m not talking about too many chiefs not enough Indians right that’s terrible when that happens but God has called you to be a leader somewhere and the truth is we abdicate that responsibility because it is difficult and it is uncomfortable and it always takes us beyond what we know being a leader will always pull you past what you know I can tell you that right now you will think you’ve got things down you will say I’ve been in this situation before I have seen this before and like clockwork man something will come up you have no idea how to handle it and so a lot of people shy away from leadership in the church they shy away from leadership in their spiritual life and what God’s calling him to do in that burden that God’s put on your heart it’s why there was a whole city full of people living in a burnt down ruined broken village and it took Nehemiah to come and say guys that start stacking stones on top of each other here’s the resources God’s provide them let’s start doing this there’s this false humility in the Christian Church that I want to speak to real quick the false humility of the church says I am worthless rags I am nothing in my weakness God has made strong so I’m a weak lily flowered little sissy is that strong enough did I offend anybody with that that was my toned down version that I had I am I’m just a sissy I can’t do anything but God help me help me that I can do this I’m just when we slump our shoulders and we’re just like oh I hope God will come through on this I’m terrible and it’s and then we think we’re being humble we’re being pious this oh look at you we’ll stop it it’s disgusting when God when God tells the story of the prodigal son and the father runs to his son he doesn’t run out there and be like I told you so he runs out with the robe and the ring puts it on him and we storage his right as the son as head of the property and restores all rights so if you’re a son or daughter of God here this morning you have the full rights as children of God and there is a confidence you should walk in but the confidence ready should be grounded in humility so what does that look well that’s what I was doing when I was being all said and sissy like no it’s not you were still grounded in you you were grounded in your failures your addictions your mess-ups you were grounded in what other people have said about you you were grounded in the things that you lack confidence grounded in humility is not confidence grounded in your bank account in the college you went to in the knowledge you’ve attained in your natural talents or skills it is confidence rooted and grounded in Christ’s righteousness period bar none and I have confidence because of Who I am and what I am in Christ Jesus and so I will sit and I will wait on the Lord for this because he has burdened me with this and so I will wait on him and I will not become apathetic and I will not become lazy and when I get off track I will have others around me that put me back on track because there is a burden here that I will see through and when the time comes I need to be ready to speak and have faith all of you in this room right now have the potential for great leadership you’re not followers don’t get me wrong when I talk about following we all follow we all have to follow something and throughout the week we’ll follow directions we’ll follow other people’s guidance we’ll work together as a team or someone else as a leader but what I see primarily in the church is men and women scared to step up and be leaders afraid of the task that’s at hand and they aren’t confident in who they are in Christ and I want to see that changed because Nehemiah does what he does engages the people the way he does engages his enemies as we’re gonna see the way he does because he is a confident man not in his position is cupbearer not in the fact that he has a Calvary coming with him but in who he is in Yahweh and who his God is and so he holds his head up high and he talks to the people remember the people had tried this you gotta give them some credit here at the end when they say let’s build the ball let’s do this they gather around him there’s a rally cry there’s a revival as we tried this Ezra tried to rebuild the wall when he brought the second group of exiles in he tried and the enemies came and they shut him down and they work from within one of the things we’re gonna see here’s Sanballat is like the king of the area source he’s not a king but he’s head over the area till what’s the Tobiah yeah Tobiah is the director of the Intelligence Division sort of he’s got friends and relatives inside Jerusalem they are intermarried and so he is the one bringing back Intel to San bola and so whenever the Israelites would start to get a head of steam or have something where they’re gonna start to protect them selves they were always taken out from within because they had us internal spy so to speak right again relates a lot to the church today it’s not off it’s not always people outside the church who tear us down sometimes it’s those within the church that terrorists down that’s okay that’s okay Nehemiah experienced the same thing and he said we’re gonna build past this we’re gonna work past this we’re gonna work together and he was prepared for the challenges because of his time of waiting my encouragement to you this morning as we close is focus on the glory and the greatness of the Lord and whatever he has called you to you hear me in that focus on the glory and the greatness of the Lord do not focus on your failures it is what the enemy it is what Satan wants you to focus on the more you stay focused on your failures the less you remain confident in the humility of Christ the more you’re focused on the things you can’t do the less you will move forward on the things he has burdened your heart to do the more you stay focused on your inadequacies and your brokenness the less you’ll see that he is redeemed and made you knew the enemy doesn’t need to get you to trip up you just need you to stay focused on the wrong things amen why get you to sin that’s a lot of work I’ll just keep you focused on the broken parts of your life and make you think you’re worthless it’s a lot easier well shame on him that’s about as strong a language I can use from the stage shame on him you whitewashed tomb you brood of vipers my Lord used it I can use it seriously seriously what we learned from Nehemiah here in chapter 2 is we’ve got to have the courage to wait the faith to wait we’ve got to have the faith to ask and then the faith to challenge others around us and I’m challenging you this morning I’m challenging you to be burdened for LifePoint church to be burdened for this family to be burdened for your families and to step up and take leadership roles and if you’ve got to wait for God to show you that great but I’m not gonna let you wait that long because we need people this community needs people San Tan Valley the greater area needs people who are stepping up into roles of leadership and saying I’ll lead that I’ll take it on because I’ve been burdened by the Lord to do it let’s pray Heavenly Father we thank you for this morning we thank you for this message we thank you for the life of Nehemiah got and out you bring it you bring it to us today real and relevant I pray for the practical applications Lord for those who are sitting here this morning who have heard the word and are crying out to you saying God help me help me be a leader in my family in my marriage help me be a leader in my neighborhood and my work help me be a leader to my extended family help me be a leader where there’s brokenness God would we put these things front and center as priorities in our life would we put you as a priority in our life God give confidence give that confidence of your child to the men and women in this room who would be willing to ask for it I encourage you that I encourage you to ask for that it feels a little shameful if you’re like me maybe you’re like I can’t ask for that you ask for it asked for the confidence of the Lord in your life and on your dreams and on your burdens ask that he would align your burdens and your once with his asked that he would give you the courage to ask to wait and a challenge Father here these petitions this morning and I just pray God that we would come to a place where we would start to see real revival happen excitement passion for your word and your promises and turn this place upside down in Jesus it’s people said we’re gonna take communion together LifePoint we offer in the open communion which simply means if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ we invite you to come to one of the three stations upfront or three in the back whichever is closest to you we’ve got prayer partners up front over here we’d be happy to pray with you here’s the thing they pray with you for more than just petitions or hurting or brokenness which if you have that you come forward combined with these prayer partners if you just want a prayer of blessing over your marriage or your family for your work over your health come come forward take their hand be bold and pray thank you Lord bless this communion bless the body the bread which is your body the juice which is your blood as we partake of it now together in Jesus name.