The church in Belize

Pastor Kenny Welch, Belize

No matter where you are in the world, ministry is a hard privilege. As we answer to the call of being disciples that makes disciples we often bump into the majority that cares more about self and possessions than they do about the eternal state of their souls. Here in Belize as I shepherd two different churches and oversee other ministries, there seems to be a shortage of solid believers that care deeply about the souls of others. We are happy and content with being inside the walls of the church and mingling with those who show up on Wednesdays and Sundays. This burdens me daily. So much so that at the end of every sermon for the last few months was a plea for my people to preach the gospel to everyone that they know. Especially to those who are living a life of disobedience to God. Everyone is busy these days trying to make life work when the reality is that apart from Christ there is no life at all. The second greatest command is that we would love others as ourselves and this love has driven me (and I hope it has done the same for you too) to wanting so deeply for others to come to Christ and be saved.

In both churches which have a congregation of about 40-50 the ratio is about 8 – 10 females to 1 male. The cultural lie is that real men don’t go to church, they are strong and respected without needing God. This lack of male presence and spiritual leadership is killing the churches here. In an effort to reach out to more people with the gospel and to men specifically I have started the process of assembling a team of Pastors and Leaders that will begin a large scale outreach to men. I have partnered with 4 men already in an effort to make Thrive Belize bigger and more spiritually profitable for the men that will attend this year. The 5 of us (thanks for the help from LifePoint Missions) will be traveling to Arizona for the Thrive retreat next month to experience it and come up with some ideas for the retreat in Belize. We are hoping and praying that the spirit will lead us in careful planning and execution of this years Thrive Belize and that the Lord will bring many men who are hungry and thirsty for him.

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