Third Time’s A Charm

Pastor Rick White

God has given me many opportunities to return to Short-term Mission works all over the world.

The primary reason I have been able to return was because I have been fortunate to be a Missions and Outreach Pastor for at least three different churches.  My wife Susie and I have been to Haiti now 11 times, to Austria 6 times, to Hungary 2 times and we lived in Germany back in the early 70’s while we were serving in the United States Army.

How about LifePoint’s congregational members returning to the same work at least twice?  We have three LP Members that will be returning to the Philippines at the end of September for their third short-term tour and I asked them why they are going back again?  Here is what I learned:

Emily Ruiz, this year’s trip co-leader with her husband Frank shared:  “Watching the orphanage become self-sustaining from the many projects that we complete while we spend our time in the Philippines is why I am going back for my third year.  The Lord is at work in the Philippines, and building as many cottages as we can while we are there allows for several more kids to be taken off the street and placed in a safe loving home.”

Kyle Kakar also shared, “Not only am I returning because of such positive experiences on the last two trips, as I was engaged in building projects and interacting with the locals, but I have always wanted to take my wife Casey with me.  That’s happening this year and we are so excited that we will both get to enjoy the trip and serving together.”

In the next few months, LifePoint’s Missions Leadership Team will be putting the finishing touches on the 2019 schedule and will make that roster of trips available to the congregation. Stay tuned and pray about your FIRST experience on the mission field, as you begin building your story about returning to the mission field.




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