Thy Will Be Done

What is Freedom? Is it the ability to do whatever you want? Is it not being told what to do by anybody? Is it being your own boss? Is there a difference between freedom and free-will? As Americans we talk quite a bit about freedom, we love our freedom, we defend our freedom, write songs about it and offer it to others as a model of how to run a country. However, I would argue many take their freedom for granted. This can be seen in the voter turnouts in elections, individual involvement in community cleanup projects and a general apathy of the majority towards helping the poor and sick.
Please here me…the above is not meant to be an indictment on all Americans to say you are not doing enough, but rather is meant to get us to think more critically about what it means to be free and the sacrifices involved.
The freedom Americans enjoy has come at a tremendous cost, a tremendous amount of discipline by our forefathers to do what was right, what was hard and what cost them everything. To this day our men and women in the armed forces are said to be defending freedom and they lay it all on the line in the name of freedom. What about the rest of us? What are we doing that is self-sacrificing, uncomfortable, and disciplined in the name of freedom?
Matthew 6:10 is the second part of the Lord’s prayer and it Jesus teaches us to pray and ask that, the Lord’s Kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. This scripture is very difficult for modern American people to truly grab onto and practice. Before the last 100 years or so it was expected that life was hard, routine sicknesses could mean death, childbirth was not a guarantee of both mother and child making it, food was not as easily obtainable, transportation was dangerous and difficult. While it is wonderful and divine to have made such incredible leaps in one century, if we are not careful we can fall prey to indifference, apathy and laziness. Not only in our patriotism but more importantly in our understanding and relationship to the Lord.
This week we will explore the intricacies of the second part of the Lord’s prayer.
See you there.
Pastor Nathan Bentley

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