To Choose or Not to Choose

The subject of predestination is often a hot button topic in the church. It is considered to be a theological debate best reserved for those who enjoy engaging in that kind of thought and leave the rest of normals alone. However, Jesus talks quite a bit about the Fathers choosing who is his and who is not. Rather than just ignore this concept we are going look at the words of Jesus in John 6:41-48. Throughout all of John, Jesus is using the imagery of bread to get across the necessity of His character and Lordship. I have been saying this extensively over the series in John, but if it is important then it bears repeating…

“If the idea of Jesus choosing who will come to him and who won’t bothers you, then you still do not have an understanding of the greatness and majesty of God. he is still here to serve your needs and meet your requirements for Him to be a suitable God for you.”

Take some time this week and read John 6, and pray that God would unfold the truth of His character to you and He would reveal eternal truths to you in a way that make sense and are applicable.

Nathan Bentley

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