Trust Me

When we ask somebody to, trust us, we are telling them, I am worthy of your trust. Secondly, we are asking them to believe in our character and integrity. Third, we asking them to have faith in us to carry out that which we require their trust. When you think about it, those two words are a pretty powerful request. I think we throw around the word love more than we do trust. Even though you cannot have love without trust…or can you?

According to John 2:23-25 Jesus trusted nobody, yet, He loved the whole world and each human in it, so much that he died on the cross for our sins. Now before you go all comment section on me, let us understand the basis for Jesus mistrust of human beings. It is not out of anger or disappointment, rather it is because of his omniscient character which knows the hearts of man, nothing is hidden from him. Nothing is secret or can be glossed over with a smile, money or even actions that appear trustworthy. Because of this nature of His character he does not allow himself to be swayed by what appears to be truth, He looks to the Father and His testimony rather than what is spoken of him by humans.

This is all great and fine for Jesus, but how are you and I supposed to trust? How are we supposed to trust each other, our spouses, our children? How are we supposed to trust Jesus? This Sunday’s message will go directly to the innermost hidden parts of who you are as a man or woman. All of us have areas of our lives that no one knows about. We all have intentions that are selfish or impure and even if we never act on them, we know they are there hidden away in the basements of our hearts.

Take some time this weekend and ask the Lord what your life would look like if you trusted Him 100%, no concessions, holding nothing back. It is a scary and liberating thought.

See you Sunday at LifePoint Church.

Nathan Bentley

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