United We Stand

I cannot wait to share this week’s message with you! It has been at the forefront of my 8 years of ministry and is the driving factor behind everything I do at LifePoint.


I long to see the Church, the bride of Christ, united in love towards the Lord and each other. I have preached this theme in dozens of series and have strived to build a church that does not quench the tension that exists between different people’s backgrounds and denominations, rather tries and disciple people to learn to love the other person despite their differences, be in community with them. It is one thing to say you love someone who has different theology than you then distance yourself from them and cut off any real relationship because you don’t know how to be in relationship with differences that you perceive as ungodly or inaccurate. It is quite another deal to remain in relationship and ask God to lead you both to truth while strengthening the unity and bond between one another.

Through multiple different avenues this week God brought this message to me and by Thursday made it so clear that this is what I was supposed to preach on that I would be crazy to do anything else.

So, take this week to catch up on The Chosen series, and pray that God would open your heart to the unity He asks of His bride.


Nathan Bentley

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