This last weekend LifePoint brought 125 women up to Lost Canyon Camp in Williams, AZ. What a fabulous weekend! We joined with 5 other churches to make up a grand total of 351 women at this retreat!

Many women had fun hiking, taking trips to town, braving the giant swing, soaking in the sunshine and cool breezes and simply getting some wonderful rest, but the most incredible element of this weekend was the unity we saw in this group of women from all different churches was just stunning. We battled together, cried together, sang together, and celebrated together.

Unity of the body of Christ is the heart of Jesus. It’s why He came. Together we saw chains broken, and women choosing to step out of cages into the freedom Jesus has for us all. Thank you, Jesus, that even though we are promised we will have trouble in this world, that we are also promised you have overcome the world and through Him, we can overflow in the Hope, Joy, and Peace that Jesus intends for us.

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