V.B.S. To-Go

We had 140 kids participate in our first-ever V.B.S. To-Go! With the current conditions, we are faced with in our country we had to improvise and come up with a plan for children to refocus their thinking towards God without the possibility of physical interaction. It was a fun week of creative characters that kept young people’s attention while participating in the typical lessons, crafts, snacks, and fun you would expect from a traditional V.B.S. event. All displayed on LifePoint Church’s Facebook and YouTube pages. Parents picked up their bags to-go at the beginning of the week, full of all the items needed to complete their kids an exciting week. There was interaction/participation through the internet involving the crafts and memory verses. We were able to see pictures and videos of the kids and their creative pieces.

We had our typical Missions Drive which brought in over 200 items for Hope Women’s Center. Not bad for being in the middle of social distancing.
We would have much rather been with the kids directly, interacting, hearing the ear-piercing screams at game time, and putting band-aids on boo-boos, but despite the issues at hand we were all able to have a fun time and grow in our relationship with God…even that weird mustached Mission Guy!
If your family missed out, you can still go to our pages and watch all the videos. You won’t have the craft or snack, but every video reflects on the Bible and is fun to watch…and you’ll understand the weird mustache guy comment.

So on behalf of Toucan Tom, Betsy Belle, Crafty Cathy & Jackie, Look-Out Larry & the weird mustache guy, God bless until next year!

Mike Shamburg

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