VBS: Operation Arctic

VBS: Operation Arctic














We had over 150 kids participate in Operation Artic. Five days of excitement! Every day we had crafts which added another dimension to the Bible lesson for the day. Exciting games that helped burn off energy & have plenty of fun cooling off. Time during snack, to run over to the prayer tent for prayer, work on the daily Bible verse & the workbook (which helps instill daily Bible lesson), and of course, age appropriate lessons to help grow each child’s relationship with Jesus & excite them to dig in and learn the Bible.

We had kids accepting Jesus for the first time, some thinking about baptism and others growing in their relationship with their church family. At the end of every day was a drama to help drive the “daily point” home. It ended up being a lot of fun.

We had a goal for the kids to bring in a 1000 items of soup, water, peanut butter and jelly for the Genesis Project. The kids blew away the goal by bringing in over 1200 items. Our Adorable Artic foxes, the 1stgrade girls, were the team who brought in the most at over 400 items. They celebrated by slapping PB&J slices on top of pastor Mike.

It was a busy week but a wonderful week pulled off by a bunch of great volunteers with outrageously big hearts. Thank you to all you who served our community children in a fun, exciting, Christ filled week! You were awesome & we thank you so much! This doesn’t work without YOU!




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