Victory in Surrender

Have you ever been faced with a really easy decision? I mean that kind of decision that you ponder and seek your friends’ opinions about, but in reality already know the choice to make. Have you ever made a decision for something not really knowing why? When facing decisions or choices we naturally ponder the question: What ought we do?

Not surprisingly, this is a question that hounds humanity in every season of life. Whether the question is posed under the umbrella of parenting, schooling, health, finances, politics, career, or God’s will, people spend hours and hours wrapped up in what we ought to choose. We are so blessed to live in a culture that values choices and the freedom to make our own choices—especially when it comes to the list I just mentioned. Some people can even become overwhelmed by the plethora of choices! One of the most amazing attributes of the God of the Bible is that he does not want a relationship with mindless and heartless robots. He doesn’t force our choices like a malevolent dictator. Neither does He leave us without guidance on what we ought to or ought not to do.

This Sunday we’re not just going to talk about what we ought to do, rather we’re going to talk about the motives behind the question. We’re going to dig into WHY we ask what we ought to do: what really guides our choices? Is it prosperity? Is it comfort? Control? Power? Pleasure?

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