We won!

Pastor Blake Wilsford










How would you approach a game if you knew you were going to win? That before you stepped onto the field you 100% knew the outcome was in your favor. Whether your picturing a soccer or football game, maybe volleyball or golf game it doesn’t matter because you already know that you will win. And you’re the only one who knows it. How would you approach that game? Would you go all out or would you have a more apathetic approach? For me I’m envisioning a baseball game and I would be diving after every ball, running as fast as I could, swinging for the fences and not caring if I mess up because I still know that no matter what, we win!

We are victorious in Christ and we KNOW this. So why do we hold back? We hold back for fear of embarrassment, rejection, or persecution. We hold back because we have this nature to self-preserve, because we have doubt, because we have unbelief. We hold back due to so many reasons. Instead we should be bold beyond reason! This Sunday we will find out where this boldness comes from knowing that we have already won.


    1. Avatar for lpcreativearts Richard B Hetland : July 12, 2018 at 3:11 pm

      Great email. Looking forward to Sunday’s message.

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