Whatcha Learn’n?

So, have you gone through any changes lately? Has there been any struggles or conflicts in life that has left you wondering “What am I supposed to do now?” This Sunday we take a look at a point in the life of David where he is in a couple of intense situations. He fears for his physical life, he’s all alone and forced to make decisions when things get uncomfortable. His world is a mess. Can you relate to David? Through this time, he makes mistakes. He acts a fool. He doesn’t turn to God but instead makes less than stellar decisions when relying upon his own wits. He’s running from king Saul and ends up in the midst of Philistines. Years before David was confident in his God. He stood up to Goliath and the Philistines, but now, he seems to have lost that confidence. He seems to have lost his faith.

Have you lost confidence? Are you struggling in your faith? Everything in your world seems to be in turmoil. Have you been using these last three months as an opportunity to live out your faith? Have you been using it as an opportunity to grow your faith? Or have you been using it as a time to get caught up in the ways of the world? Using it for “my time”. This has been a great season of learning…if you allowed your heart and brain to do such.

In the above-mentioned conversation of David, something outrageous happened. Immediately afterword, David runs off to a cave. There, more than likely, he wrote one of the psalms. A song of trust in the Lord. One rejoicing and praising the Lord. He learns a deep lesson through the trials he has just gone through and he wants everyone to come together with him and glorify God.

So, what have you learned? I know you have gone through some turmoil in your heart and mind over these past months. I certainly have. I lost trust in people and had to re-align my brain to focus completely in and on the Lord. Despite what I may believe about others, God is still here and will hold me up. He will not leave or forsake me and that is all I need to focus on. But what is happening in your heart and soul? What have you had to work through? Is God still the one who you love with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? Was He ever?

Look forward to seeing you Sunday.
Pastor Mike

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