What’s been Going on at LifePoint…

Over the course of the last 4 months, your church has been busy connecting with the community’s needs and trying to meet people where they are at in this crazy time. I know that as a group of pastors we are not the best at posting on social media and talking about all we are doing so I wanted to take a minute and show you.

Thank you for the support and continued outpouring of love that so many of you have shown.

Since March 12th:

  • LifeCare Work Days, 3 full days (w/ teams) and smaller individual jobs as needed, some as many as 3 requests per week
  • Medications (from the Haiti Trip) Delivered to San Carlos, HOPE Women’s, New Seasons Church, Genesis Project, STV Community members in need
  • San Carlos Work Day
  • Food Drive & Delivery – UMOM (new partnership)
  • TV Donation Drive & Delivery – UMOM
  • K&Q Community Garden – Amadeo Church
  • Clothing, water bottles, etc., Donations Gathered and Delivered to HOPE Women’s Center and San Carlos
  • Food Delivery – community outreach and food drive for STV only
  • Food Delivery (Missions Sunday Funds) – San Carlos and UMOM
  • Backpack Delivery – (1500 backpacks from GCU) to San Carlos
  • Supported the local school system by providing a place and the volunteers to hand out lunches through the month of June
  • Developed the infrastructure to go live stream, something LifePoint had never done in the past, nor were we set up for.
  • Attempted to connect with over 300 households in our database and check-in with congregants, (if you did not receive a call I am sincerely sorry and would ask that you reach out to us and make sure we have your contact information correct and also give us a chance to talk).
  • Started weekly videos for our youth of all ages to stay connected.
  • Started a Thursday night zoom meeting for women to get together and connect
  • Through the generous work and support of congregants have been able to donate hundreds of masks to local areas that needed them.

We’ve also formed new/renewed partnerships with Amadeo (Vineyard Pregnancy Center and Community Garden), Redeemed Threads, and UMOM Youth Homeless Shelter.

I am sure that I am missing some of what went on here for the last few months, but I know that God has sustained our ministry and given us a great opportunity to love our neighbors and community.

Looking forward to great things ahead.

Nathan Bentley

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